Hi, I’m Ahmed Avais. You may know me as a Licensed Facilitator of the Agile Fluency™ Diagnostic. Or as an associate of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute. Or from my work on the book The Leader’s Guide for Social Responsibility. Or as a practicing Agile Coach working with technology teams at scale.

Do you have any of these pain points?

  1. We don’t even know where to begin with all the changes and uncertainty
  2. We are challenged by integrating globally dispersed teams with cultural differences
  3. We do not feel coherent and effective in collaboration
  4. We struggle with the need to respond to customer needs quickly
  5. We don’t know how we are doing and disagree on measurement
  6. We’re having difficulty building a culture of innovation
  7. When we solve for one problem with structure and hierarchy, we create bottlenecks elsewhere

I can help you get unstuck.

What’s it like to work with me

His experience and expertise in leading executives through complex topics (such as organisation design and leadership agility) for the benefit of all was instrumental to the success of the event. We couldn’t have done it without him

Evan Leybourn, Business Agility Institute

I have known and worked with Ahmed these past few years. We have co-taught together. He is a great teacher, a great agile coach, and a wonderful friend.

Norman Bodek, PCS Press

Ahmed has the powerful combination of theory and practice. In his life and in his work, he brings an inquiring mind and critical thinking to every moment. At the same time, he is able to take action himself and to lead others in action. His blend of practical intelligence, along with a keen sense of humor and personal compassion, create a real human being and a delightful partner in learning and performance.

Dr. Glenda Eoyang, HSD Institute

Do you have a sticky problem to solve?

Let’s find time together to discuss. Send me an email.