Agile-7, as a business concept, emerged from my professional journey following becoming a US citizen. It was 2008, and I had started a web development studio in Chicago during the golden age of lean startups which were sprouting locally, rather than Silicon Valley. Knowing a restless and uncertain world demands adaptation, I transitioned through lean startup methodologies – which come from software development – and into agile.

Together with other dreamers and co-founders, we concepted new businesses models which broke industrial-age and previously-held, twentieth-century management norms. This love affair drove me deeper into business agility and, through it, I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of Fortune 500 teams in pursuit of a new generation of agile businesses.

Distinct from traditional project management, agile focuses on inspecting and adapting, making plans while holding them lightly.This, combined with my seven principles, created this unique style of business and executive coaching, rooted in the concept of embracing change.

Along the way I have attained multiple certifications and was contributing author and editor on The Leader’s Guide for Social Responsibility. This book outlines how organizations combine profit-pursuing actions with improving the nature of work, thus transforming the employee environment and, by extension, productivity.

I’m Ahmed Avais, an expert in adapting to various environments and cultures, and I bring this into executive coaching sessions. If you don’t know where to begin, I’ll give you structure to lead your team, remove hierarchy obstructions with a clear path forward, and resolve uncertainties related to globally dispersed teams. Let’s get started.