Online Workshops

I offer these online workshops:

Executive Coaching for Everyone

Learn how to bring the same executive coaching usually reserved for the c-suite to your whole organization. This workshop is grounded in road-tested models and methods, including the Harada Method and Hisano’s CEO Coaching.

Liberating Meetings

Have you been stuck in meetings that drag-on with no outcome in sight? What is the magic sauce to make them productive? What if you and your associates were excited to come to meetings? If you’d like to seek answers to these question, this workshop is for you.

Coaching for High Performance with the Agile Fluency Game

The Agile Fluency Game provides a rich platform for learning about the benefits and trade-offs of adopting agile practices. Learn how as you create your own custom play-book from a series of mini-workshops using the game materials. Then you’ll move beyond game facilitation as you gain the knowledge to design powerful interactive learning experiences.

Coming Soon

Social Responsibility for Leaders – Aligning Profits and Purpose

Coaching in Complexity – Resilience in the new world


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